About Alekhine Chess Club

kolkata is one of the majore chess centres in India with several thousands active players. Many of Indian's leading juniors hail from the city. The Alekhine Chess Club was established at Gorky Sadan under the then Soviet Consulate General in Kolkata, In the year 1976. Since inception, the club organized coaching to young chess players and presently it has student strength of 200+ divided into several classes as per strength of the students. Goodricke National Chess Academy, established with active help and co-operation from Ms.Mamata Banerjee, the then Hon. Sports Minister, Govt. of India. The academy under Alekhine Chess Club produced players like Grandmasters Surya Sekhar Ganguly, Sandipan Chanda, Neelotpal Das; International Master Shankar Roy, Saptarshi Roy, Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury & many more others among boys, as well as Women Grandmasters Nisha Mohta and Mary Ann Gomes among girls. Many of the Grandmasters and International Masters achieved one or more norms from the events organized by Alekhine Chess Club in Kolkata. In the year 2001, Alekhine Chess Club hosted the official Asian Chess Championship Incorporating qualifying for World Chess Championship at Gorky Sadan, Kolkata where Mr.Casto Abundo from FIDE (World Chess Federation) acted as the Chief Arbiter and Mr.Zarett, Treasurer, FIDE attended the event. Mr.Campomanes, the Hony. President of FIDE (World Chess Federation) was present during the event. About 95 participants from dirrerent Asian Countries stayed at Taj Bengal and played their games at Gorky Sadan. Officials from World Chess Federation visited the venue and lodging place and were fully satisfied with our arrangements.

Alekhine Chess Club at Gorky sadan, runs Goodricke National Chess academy and, both the Academy and Chess Coaching Centre of Alekhine Chess Club are regularly bringing out chess prodigies and International Rated players. Few of the students are not only showing excellence in results in various recognized chess tournaments in India but akso bringing grater laurels to the Country by securing first few positions in several World Chess Events.

Altogether 12 renowned chess coaches including a few International Masters coaches, are nurturing the young chess students on routine basis at Gorky Sadan and several times, whenever in need, both club and the Academy arrange Gransmaster or Foreign Chess Coaches for further development of the games of the students. World Chess Champion, Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand also attended various events of the club and he was also kind enoughto extend himself for the betterment of Cchess Coaching System here at Gorky Sadan. The club also arranges Yoga and psychological development programs for the studentsfor their better concentration and physical fitness.


The club has perfect infrastructure at Gorky Sadan and is capable to organize international event with a short notice as renowned players from all over the world are eager to take part in any international event organized at Gorky Sadan, Kolkata. It also has reputed Chess Coaches to nurture young players throughout the year and seven days a week.

The 1970s saw the establishment of several chess clubs and academies accress the country, taking advantage of the Soviet Cultural Centres in important cities like Delhi, Calcutta, madras and Bombay. The first to take off was Tal Chess Club in Madras in August 1972. Then came the Botwinnik Chess Club in both Delhi and Bombay. The most famous club of this genre was brought about by a group of chess lovers at the Soviet Cultural Centre in Gorky Sadan, Calcutta on 26th Feb. 1976.

Within three years of formation, the club organized the Alekhine Memorial International Chess Tournament in 1979. In 1986 they organized the Tata Steel GM Tournament as a 14 player Round Robin where all the players including Anand and other Indian players were put up at Grand Hotel despite urgings from other organizers, not to put up Indians in Five-Star Hotels. Thereafter the club organized the same meet in 1988 and then organized the Goodricke International Open Chess Tournament for 13 years from 1990 to 2002.

Soumen Majumdar, the Secretary of the Club organizes all chess activities only in Gorky Sadan, the Russian Cultural Centre in calcutta. And what he does he does in great style. He also helped many organizers of other states conducting their events in grand manner. He was the organizing secretary of world chess championship-2000 at Delhi, which Anand won.