Coaching at Club

Coaching is provided to young students. There are several chess coaches attached with the club looking after the development of the games of chess of the students. Both theoretical and practical classes are taken by the coaches. Besides, several practical tournaments are organized by the club for the students so that they do not face much problems in taking part in Chess Tournaments. Importance is given to gain international ratings by the students of the club.

Classes are usually taken in the evening from Monday to Saturday and in the morning on Sunday. Coaches fix the class of any particular student as per students' understanding the game of chess. Both English and Bengali medium of instructions are arranged as per need.

Chess develops mental analysis power. It is best to start at the age of 5 or latest by 7. However, anyone within 16 years of age with good background of chess and is willing to make a further development with the help of any good coach or chess-masters, may also approach the club. Several good coaches, international masters and grandmasters of chess are attached to the club to look after the same.


The club has perfect infrastructure at Gorky Sadan and is capable to organize international event with a short notice as renowned players from all over the world are eager to take part in any international event organized at Gorky Sadan, Kolkata. It also has reputed Chess Coaches to nurture young players throughout the year and seven days a week.

The 1970s saw the establishment of several chess clubs and academies accress the country, taking advantage of the Soviet Cultural Centres in important cities like Delhi, Calcutta, madras and Bombay. The first to take off was Tal Chess Club in Madras in August 1972. Then came the Botwinnik Chess Club in both Delhi and Bombay. The most famous club of this genre was brought about by a group of chess lovers at the Soviet Cultural Centre in Gorky Sadan, Calcutta on 26th Feb. 1976.

Within three years of formation, the club organized the Alekhine Memorial International Chess Tournament in 1979. In 1986 they organized the Tata Steel GM Tournament as a 14 player Round Robin where all the players including Anand and other Indian players were put up at Grand Hotel despite urgings from other organizers, not to put up Indians in Five-Star Hotels. Thereafter the club organized the same meet in 1988 and then organized the Goodricke International Open Chess Tournament for 13 years from 1990 to 2002.

Soumen Majumdar, the Secretary of the Club organizes all chess activities only in Gorky Sadan, the Russian Cultural Centre in calcutta. And what he does he does in great style. He also helped many organizers of other states conducting their events in grand manner. He was the organizing secretary of world chess championship-2000 at Delhi, which Anand won.